10 things I do instead of writing that paper

Here are the top 10 things that I do instead of actually writing that final paper or studying for that exam. These are absolutely true since I am currently not working on my final take home exam that’s due tomorrow evening.

1. Go on facebook and complain about exams/papers/procrastination

(That was an actual update that I did an hour ago)

2. Look up videos on procrastination

3. Decide that today is the day that you are going to finally clean your room, re-organize your DVD collection, and make sure that all of your socks have found their pairs.

4. Cook something. As you can see from above, my adventure almost ended in disaster.

5. Look up videos of Snape or Alan Rickman.

I just watched this one:

6. Write about procrastination in a blog.

7. Start watching a new TV show.

I just started Star Trek (the original series) today.

8. Look up pictures of cute puppies and kitties.

9. Play the Nyan Cat game.

Nyan Cat

10. Look for funny things online.

I suggest:



Happy Procrastinating