top ten sexiest male voices in music

Hello everyone, or at least the few friends that I’m going to force to read this post. I wanted to start off the lists with something that I have been thinking a lot about recently, and that is sexy male singing voices. Now the songs that these people sing don’t necessarily have to be sexy, but their voices must. This is, of course, just an opinion, and I would like to see what you guys think are some other sexy male of female voices in the musical industry.

Also, this post, unlike most of my future ones is rated PG-13, because it does have some ahem, talk about sexiness. So proceed at your own risk.

So, here are the singers and their respective songs:

(not in any particular order)

1. Barry White – Can’t get enough of your love baby.

His deep voice, the beautiful lyrics of his song, they all make me want to cuddle with that special someone. I really do think that his voice is just perfect.

2. Marvin Gaye – Let’s get in on.

This is another example of an amazing sexy voice with a song that has a bet perfect for…well, you know.

3. Chad Kroeger (Nickelback) – Animals.

I simply love all of Nickleback’s songs, but I chose this one since it is very sexy. I just love the raspy voice. This song definitely gets my heart beat going!

4. Bruno Mars – It will rain.

This fairly new singer, compared to the others so far, has an amazingly sweet and pain-filled voice. There is definitely a lot of strain and emotion in his songs. Makes me want to just stand there and hug him.

5. Enrique Iglesias – Hero.

I listened to this guy when I was in middle school, and I’m still listening to his beautiful voice now.

6. Pitbull – Give me everything.

I just love Pitbull’s deep and manly voice. Whenever his part comes on in the song and I’m in my car, I crank the stereo up and blast it.

7. Seal – Love’s divine.

This high-ish, and still sort of raspish…I don’t know, but his voice does it for me.

8. Scott Stapp (Creed) – One last breath.

His voice has the rasp that I love, and such strength. I feel like I’m being blown away every time that chorus comes up.

9. Ludacris – Break your heart (Taio Cruz’s song).

Yes, this song is not all Ludacris, but his part always makes me melt. And out of all of his songs, his part in this song is my favorite. He has this cocky and strong attitude in his voice, and it sounds like the words are just rolling off his tongue.

10. Billy Paul – Me and Mrs. Jones.

The entire song is pretty good, but when he he gets to the chorus, it is just ahhh.. so powerful. I just want to go crazy at that part.